Pricing today’s assets in
tomorrow’s money

We price markets in sound money.
The chart below shows that over time the prices of stocks have actually been going down not up.

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We price stocks and ETFs in cryptocurrency. We price markets in sound money. Bitcoin, and some other cryptocurrencies like Decred, are sound money. They will neither appreciate nor depreciate suddenly due actions from a central authority such as deciding to print more. Actually, sound money appreciates over time. If you spend Bitcoin or Decred then things you buy become cheaper and cheaper as time passes. There will only ever be a limited amount of Bitcoin and Decred while there is an ever increasing amount of other currencies.

We believe we should start pricing today’s assets in tomorrow’s money. This allows you to see the prices of products today in the money you will use in the future. We believe this offers people a more accurate, more inclusive, and better financial strategy for planning their future.

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