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Understanding our finances gives us independence
We aim to increase the knowledge of our users to help them make sound financial decisions today and tomorrow.


Central banks print money and the more they print the less each unit of that money is worth. We believe that to maintain the value of your holdings and to secure the financial future of your family you have to hold money that will not be watered down by others being able to print an infinite amount.

This is sound money. Traditionally, for investors and traders in the financial and crypto markets fiat currencies (US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, etc.) are used as a price signal to buy or sell. Unfortunately, Central Banking and Governmental monetary policies have distorted the pricing signals of the financial markets through tactics that diminish the value of their money through inflation. Pricing stocks/equities and commodities against a sound money such as Decred or Bitcoin could give investors a clearer picture as to what to invest in at a given moment.

Would it have been better to have invested in Tesla or Bitcoin in 2015? Would it have been better buy Apple stock in 2015 and trade it later for Bitcoin, or buy Bitcoin in 2015 and use it now to buy Apple stock? Should I trade my Amazon stock for Decred? We aim to give investors a different view of investing from a sound money perspective.

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